Correct Use of ‘That’ in English Grammar with examples Pdf

Use of that in English grammar

Use of That in English Grammar with examples pdf!

What is the correct use of That is English Grammar?

Follow these rules for the correct use of that in English grammar:

Rules NO. 1

“That” is used in speaking of persons, animals and lifeless things.


  • The man that stood there was a thief.
  • This is the man that has impressed me the most.
  • The dogs that bark seldom bite.
  • Will you bring me the book that is lying on the table?
  • This is the car that my friend presented to me.
  • I live in a house that was built last year.
  • Aslam has a monkey that can perform tricks.
  • The farmers that live in this area are very poor.
  • “That” is used after an adjective in the Superlative Degree.
  • Joe is the most generous man that I have ever met.
  • Your today’s speech was the most interesting that I have ever listened to.
  • It is the first time that I have visited Murree.


Rules NO. 2

“That” is used after Indefinite Pronouns like, all, any, more, nothing, the same, only, the few, the little etc.


  • All that glitters is not gold.
  • You may take any book that you like.
  • He is the only person that can support you.
  • He is the same man that won the lottery.
  • There is nothing that I can do for you now.
  • I have read the few books that I have.
  • The child drank the little milk that he got.
  • There was none that could share his sorrow.
  • Her looks had something that suggested innocence.
  • There is still much that can be done to save him from bankruptcy.

Rule NO. 3

“That” is used after interrogative Pronouns Who, Which, What.

  • Who is there that never tells a lie?
  • Which is the subject that interests you the most?
  • What is plagues you?
  • What was it that made you hostile to her?

Rule NO. 4

“That” is used after two antecedents – one showing a person and the other showing an animal or a thing.


  • The master and his dog that we saw crossing the road were knocked down by a truck.
  • She spoke high of the persons and the things that she saw in America.

Use of That in English Grammar

Rule NO. 5

“That” is used as a substitute for a single noun already mentioned.


  • The climate of Florida is hotter than that of Texas.

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Use of that in English grammar correct use of that correct use of that pdf use of that in english grammar pdf

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