Uses of UNLESS in English, 10 Example Sentences with Unless

Uses of UNLESS in English, 6 Example Sentences with Unless

Uses of UNLESS in English, 10 Example Sentences with Unless! Do you know the meaning of UNLESS? It is a conjugation of the word “to be” and it has several uses in English. Today we are going to learn about its use as a conjunction. We will also learn 10 example sentences with unless. By the end of this blog post, you will be able to use UNLESS correctly in your own sentences.

Meaning and Definition of Unless

Unless is a conjunction that is used to introduce a condition. The clauses that are connected by unless usually have contrasting meanings. For example, the clause “I will go to the party unless I am sick” means that if I am not sick, I will go to the party. However, if I am sick, I will not go to the party.

  • We can also use unless to express a wish or desire.

For example, the clause “Unless you buy me a ticket, I will not go to the concert” means that I want you to buy me a ticket so that I can go to the concert.

Uses of UNLESS in English

Further, we can use UNLESS in three ways

1) Unless is used to introduce a condition or exception.

2) It is also used to express surprise, doubt or negation.

3) Additionally, it can be used as a replacement for the word “if”.

Example Sentences with Unless

1) I will not go unless you come with me.

2) Unless you study, you will not pass the test.

3) She won’t be able to come unless she gets permission from her boss.

4) I cannot finish this project unless you help me.

5) He will not be able to attend the meeting unless he changes his schedule.

6) The flowers will not bloom unless they get enough sunlight.

7) I cannot go out tonight unless my parents give me permission.

8) The team will not win unless the players work harder.

9) I will be able to pass the exam unless the questions are too difficult.

10) Unless it rains, we will have a picnic tomorrow.