Uses of Until, Like, During, Definition and Example Sentences

Uses of Until, Like, During, Definition and Example Sentences


Meaning of until is ‘up to’. It is subordination conjunction. It is used to connect action and an event to a point up to a specific time.


Sara was the headmaster until she retires in 2020.

My mom will stay here until 6’Clock.

We are planning to play until 12’clock.

We have to wait here until the bus came.

You can play until you eat breakfast.

We have to wait until the winter holidays begin.


During represent the period of time. It is a preposition and we use it to talk about some event or situation that happens at a certain point within the period of time.


There are 3 month holidays during summer.

During the war, we need supplies.

We will play hockey during our stay in Pakistan.

She got injured during the last cricket match.

We will decide about this during the break.

Students are not allowed to bring mobile during exams.


Like is used to relate someone or something to other. It is a preposition and used to say how someone looks like.


I was planning to fly like a bird.

That sounds like a dirt bike.

His pant is like mine.

Hamza looks like his father.

He can run very fast like a rabbit.

Your hand smells like lemons.