Verb and Preposition List Examples

Verb and Preposition List Examples in English Grammar


Verb and Preposition List Examples!

List of  Prepositions with examples. More than 500 daily conversational and most frequently speaking sentences. The prepositional phrases contain prepositions that make the sentence more meaningful and make it easy to understand.

Verb and Preposition List 

  • Impatient to
  • Impatient for
  • Impart to
  • Ill with
  • Ignorant of
  • Impress upon
  • Ideal for
  • Hover over
  • Hold up
  • Held out
  • Indifferent to
  • Indebted to
  • Incumbent upon
  • Inclination for
  • Incite to
  • Incentive to
  • Impress with
  • Impolite to
  • Impervious to
  • Impose on
  • Hatred for
  • Harmful to
  • Happen to
  • Hanker after
  • Hand in
  • Inferior to
  • Infer from
  • Infected with
  • Indulge in
  • Indispensable to
  • Glad of
  • Glad at
  • Given to
  • Gifted with
  • Hostile to
  • Hopeful of
  • Hold to
  • Hinder from
  • Heir to
  • Heedless of
  • Furnish with
  • Guilty of
  • Grumble at
  • Grieved at
  • Grateful to
  • Good of
  • Good for
  • Good at
  • Glance at

Verb and Preposition List Examples

  • Impatient to: The child was impatient to go out.
  • Impatient for: The child was impatient for fruit.
  • Impart to: Iqbal imparts every secret to me.
  • Ill with: I am ill with a fever.
  • Ignorant of: He is ignorant of his weak points.
  • Impress upon: I impressed my ideas upon his mind.
  • Ideal for: Today, the weather is ideal for the picnic.
  • Hover over: The eagle was hovering over its prey.
  • Hold up: The robbers held up a caravan.
  • Held out: We held out the enemy bravely.
  • Indifferent to: The officer was indifferent to my request.
  • Indebted to: I am indebted to you for this help.
  • Incumbent upon: It is incumbent upon to say prayers.
  • Inclination for: He has no inclination for music.
  • Incite to: He incited the boy to abuse the beggar.
  • Incentive to: Success is an incentive to further work.
  • Impress with: I was impressed with his arguments.
  • Impolite to: Do not impolite to anyone.
  • Impervious to: He was impervious to my advice.
  • Impose on: A heavy-duty was imposed on us.
  • Hatred for: I have a great hatred for corruption.
  • Harmful to: Drinking is harmful to health.
  • Happen to: What happened to his last year?
  • Hanker after: Do not hanker after fame.
  • Hand in: I handed in my application.
  • Inferior to: This pen is not inferior to that.
  • Infer from: I infer from this accident that he is selfish.
  • Infected with: He was infected with the flue.
  • Indulge in: He was indulged in bad habits.
  • Indispensable to: Hard work is indispensable to success.
  • Glad of: I am glad of your company.
  • Glad at: I am glad at your success.
  • Given to: Shahid is given to social work.
  • Gifted with: Allah has gifted her with a son.
  • Hostile to: Some people are hostile too social work.
  • Hopeful of: I am hopeful of my success.
  • Hold to: Some villagers still hold to the old customs.
  • Hinder from: He hindered me from going to college.
  • Heir to: He is the only heir to his father’s property.
  • Heedless of: He jumped into the canal heedless of the result.
  • Furnish with: His house is furnished with beautiful things.
  • Guilty of: He is guilty of murder.
  • Grumble at: Never grumble at lot.
  • Grieved at: He was grieved at the death of his son.
  • Grateful to: I am grateful to you for this help.
  • Good of: It is good of you to help the helpless.
  • Good for: Milk is good for your health.
  • Good at: I am not good at English.
  • Glance at: He cast a glance at the beautiful sight.

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