Verb and Preposition Sentences PDF – Verb Followed by Prepositions

Verb And Preposition Sentences

Verb and preposition Sentences PDF!

What are the Prepositions in English Grammar?

Prepositions are the words or combinations of words that are used to show the location, time, direction, or that introduces any object. For Location (at the shop, at home, etc. ). In case of time ( by noon). While Direction ( an invitation to you).

List of Verbs Followed by Prepositions with Examples

Agree with: Do you agree with me on this matter?

Agree to: I agree to your plan.

Agree on/upon: They were agreed upon my point.

Aim at: The hunter aimed at the deer.

Alarmed at: was alarmedĀ  at the gun fire.

Alight from: He alighted from the train.

Alighted at: he alighted at the gate of the railway station.

Alive to: I am alive to my faults.

Allegiance to: We showed allegiance to our leader.

Allotted to: This house is allotted to Ahmad.

allude to: He alluded to many events from history.

Alternative to: There is no alternative to hard work.

Amazed at: I was amazed at his dealings.

Ambitious for: He is ambitious for fame.

Amused with: The boys were amused with the tricks.

Angry at: Anwar was angry at your remarks.

Angry with: Why is Ali angry with you?

Annoyed at: Ahmad is annoyed at your remarks

Annoyed with: Why is Ali annoyed with you?

Answer for: We must answer for our action

Answer to: This book answers to my needs.

Answerable to/for: We are answerable to Allah for our actions.

Antidote to: There is no antidote to snake bite.

Anxious about: He was anxious about your health.

Apart from: He lives apart from his relatives.

Apologize to: He apologized to me.

Apologize for: He apologizes to me for his rudeness.

Appeal to: He appealed to the judge for mercy.

Appeal for: He appealed for mercy.

Apply to: He applied to the principal for leave.

Appoint to: Ali was appointed to the post of a teacher.

Approach to: The approach to our college is very easy.

Appropriate to: His speech was appropriate to the occasion.

Approve of: I approve of your plan.

Aptitude for: Lee has no aptitude for music.

Argue against: Do not argue against your father.

Argue with: It is useless to argue with him.

Arrive at: He arrived at Lahore yesterday.

Arrive in: I arrived in Pakistan last year.

Ascribes to: Ali ascribes his success to hard work.

Ashamed of: Salma is ashamed of her mistakes.

Aspire to: He aspires to become a police officer.

Assent to: I assent to your proposal.

Associate with: Never associate with bad people.

Assure of: I assure you of my help.

Astonished at: I was astonished at his failure.

Atone for: We must atone for the lost time.

Attend to: Attend to your work.

Attend on: He attended on his old mother.

Attribute to: Ali attributes his success to hard work.

Authority on: Tahir is an authority on pronunciation.

Avail of: He availed himself of the opportunity and succeeded.

Avenge on: He avenged himself on his enemy.

Aware of: He is aware of new changes here.

Back out: Do not back out your promise.

Back up: Do not back up the rascals.

Banish from: He was banished from the country.

Bask in: We must bask in the sun in winter.

Bark at: The dogs were barking at the beggar.


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Verb and preposition Sentences Verb and preposition Sentences Verb and preposition Sentences examples Verb and preposition Sentences examples verb+preposition examples


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