Verb Preposition Examples Sentences

Verb Preposition Examples Sentences PDF


Verb Preposition Examples Sentences PDF!

Prepositions with examples of more than 500 daily conversational and most frequently speaking sentences. The prepositional phrases contain prepositions that make the sentence more meaningful and make it easy to understand. Here is the complete book that contains maximum prepositional phrases used in daily conversation.

Verb Preposition List in English

  • Exempt from
  • Exception to
  • Excel in
  • Exalt to
  • Essential for
  • Escape from
  • Equivalent to
  • Equal to
  • Envious of
  • Entrust with
  • Entrust to
  • Entitle to
  • Entangle in
  • Enquire of
  • Enquire into
  • Enquire after
  • Enlist in
  • Engage to
  • Engage in
  • Endow with
  • Encroach on
  • Emigrate from
  • Emerge from
  • Eligible for
  • Eat into
  • Efficient in
  • Full of
  • Free of
  • Free from
  • Forgetful of
  • Fond of
  • Fluent in
  • Flare up
  • Fit for
  • Fire at
  • Fertile in
  • Felicitate on
  • Feel for
  • Feed on
  • Familiar to
  • Familiar with
  • Fatal to
  • Famous for
  • False to
  • Faithful to
  • Fail in
  • Exult at
  • Exult over
  • Exclude from
  • Expose to

Verb Preposition Examples Sentences

Here is the list of important Verb Preposition Examples Sentences:

  • Exempt from: He was exempted from the payment of fees.
  • Exception to: No one is an exception to death.
  • Excel in: Ali excelled in the class due to hard work.
  • Exalt to: Ali was exalted to a high post.
  • Essential for: Fresh air is essential for health.
  • Escape from: The murderer escaped from jail.
  • Equivalent to: The rupee is not equivalent to the dollar.
  • Equal to: You are not equal to this challenge.
  • Envious of: Do not be envious of others’ success.
  • Entrust with: Ali was entrusted with the affairs of the shop.
  • Entrust to: I entrust this duty to you.
  • Entitle to: Ali is entitled to the vote now.
  • Entangle in: He was entangled in the murder case.
  • Enquire of: I enquired of him about his health.
  • Enquire into: The police enquired into the murder case.
  • Enquire after: We went to enquire after her health.
  • Enlist in: His son was enlisted in the army.
  • Engage to: Tahir is engaged to his cousin.
  • Engage in: Usama is engaged in his work.
  • Endow with: Allah endowed her with a son.
  • Encroach on: Do not encroach on others’ rights.
  • Emigrate from: Nawaz immigrated from Pakistan.
  • Emerge from: The moon emerged from the clouds.
  • Eligible for: He is not eligible for this post.
  • Eat into: Such evils will eat into our society.
  • Efficient in: We must be efficient in our work.
  • Full of: The jug is full of milk.
  • Free of: These goods are free of duty.
  • Free from: He is free from worries these days.
  • Forgetful of: Do not be forgetful of your duties.
  • Fond of: Imran is fond of playing cricket.
  • Fluent in: Tahir is fluent in speaking English.
  • Flare up: I flared up and slapped on his face.
  • Fit for: She is not fit for this job.
  • Fire at: The hunter fired at the deer.
  • Fertile in: He is fertile in making mischiefs.
  • Felicitate on: I felicitated him on his success.
  • Feel for: We must feel for the poor.
  • Feed on: Goats feed on grass.
  • Familiar to: I am not familiar to him.
  • Familiar with: I am not familiar with his illness.
  • Fatal to: Drinking is fatal to health.
  • Famous for: Lahore is famous for its colleges.
  • False to: Do not be false to your friends.
  • Faithful to: I am faithful to my country.
  • Fail in: The boy failed in the examination.
  • Exult at: I exulted at my friend’s success.
  • Exult over: He exulted over his rival’s failure.
  • Exclude from: Why was he excluded from the team?
  • Expose to: His crime was exposed to the police at last.

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