Ways To Say For Example, English Phrases Examples

Ways To Say For Example

Ways To Say For Example, English Phrases Examples! Improve your communication abilities for every situation. Synonyms can help you improve your vocabulary and voice, allowing you to be more effective in English writing and speaking. Below is the list of other phrases for ‘for examples’.

Other Ways To Say For Example

Cute Ways to Say For Example

  • To illustrate
  • This includes
  • Let’s say…
  • In particular
  • This can be seen when
  • These include…
  • Such as
  • Note well
  • Namely
  • Likewise
  • Like
  • In addition to
  • In a similar case
  • Examples include…
  • As an example
  • As a case in point…
  • Especially
  • eg.
  • If you look at…
  • For instance
  • By way of illustration
  • As seen in…
  • Particularly
  • Also
  • Additionally
  • One example is…
  • As an example being…
  • An example being…

Formal Ways to Say For Example

1) “For instance,”

2) “To illustrate,”

3) “Thus,”

4) “As an example,”

5) “In other words,”

6) “Namely,”

7) “That is to say,”

8) “In point of fact,”

9) “Specifically,” and

10)”To be precise.”

Informal Ways to Say For Example

1. For example,

2. Like,

3. Such as,

4. Take the case of,

5. I mean,

6. Suppose, or suppose that,

7. To illustrate my point, let me take the case of,

8. Let’s say that,

9. You know what I mean?,

10. You see what I’m getting at?,” and

11.”Do you follow me?”

Saying For Example to a Girl

1) If I may give you an example

2) Let me give you an example

3) Can I give you an example

4) Would it be alright if I gave you an example

5) Do you mind if I give you an example

6) Is it okay if I give you an example?

7) Could I possibly give you an example

8) May I please give you an example

9) Might I be able to give you an example

10) I would like to give you an example, is that okay?

11) Would it be all right if I showed you with an example?

12) Do you think I could explain this with an example?

Saying For Example in a Business Meeting

1. For example,

2. To illustrate,

3. Let me give you an example,

4. Suppose that,

5. As an illustration,

6. In other words,

7. Namely,

8. That is to say, and

9.”To be specific.”