What Is An Interjection? Definition and Example Sentences in English PDF

What Is An Interjection? Definition and Example Sentences in English

What Is An Interjection? An interjection is a word or phrase used to express disbelief, excitement, or frustration. It can be used as a standalone exclamation or as part of a sentence. Interjections are not considered proper grammar, but they can add emotion and emphasis to writing. This lesson includes a list of common interjections in English with definitions and example sentences.

Classification of Interjections

Interjections can be classified as follows:

1. Words that express positive emotions such as joy, love, or excitement: Wow! Awesome! Yay!

2. Words that express negative emotions such as anger, disappointment, or frustration: Ugh! Darn it! Boo!

3. Words that express a strong reaction or feeling: Oh! Ouch! Yikes! Eek!

4. Words that are used to get someone’s attention: Hey! Psst! Excuse me!

5. Words that are used to fill a pause or make a transition: Well, um, ok then.

Some Other Interjections

  1. Wow! Interjections can add excitement to writing.
  2. Darn it! Interjections can express frustration.
  3. Hey! Interjections can get someone’s attention.
  4. Well, um, ok then. Interjections can be used to make a transition.

List of Interjection, Meaning, and Examples

1. Ah!

Meaning: An expression of surprise or joy

Example: Ah, I didn’t know that.

2. Alas!

Meaning: An expression of sadness

Example: Alas, she was my best friend.

3. Aha!

Meaning: An expression of understanding or realization

Example: Aha, I see now.

4. Bravo!

Meaning: An expression of approval or admiration

Example: Bravo, you did a great job!

5. Damn!

Meaning: An expression of anger, frustration, or disappointment

Example: Damn, this is going to take forever!

6. Dear me!

Meaning: An expression of pity or concern

Example: Dear me, that’s awful.

7. Eh?

Meaning: A question seeking confirmation or repetition

Example: Did you say your name was Sarah? Eh?

8. Eek!

Meaning: An expression of fear or surprise

Example: Eek, a spider!

9. Fantastic!

Meaning: An expression of excitement or approval

Example: This new restaurant is fantastic!

10. Geez!

Meaning: An expression of frustration or annoyance

Example: Geez, I can’t find my keys anywhere.

11. Good grief!

Meaning: An expression of disbelief or frustration

Example: Good grief, this traffic is terrible.

12. Hmm..

Meaning: A sound used to express thoughtful consideration

Example: Hmm! I don’t know.

13. Ooh!

Meaning: An expression of pleasure or interest

Example: Ooh, what a pretty dress!

14. Oh!

Meaning: An expression of surprise, joy, or pain

Example: Oh, that feels so good!

15. Oops!

Meaning: An expression of regret or embarrassment

Example: Oops, I forgot to turn off the oven.

16. Phew!

Meaning: An expression of relief

Example: Phew, I’m glad that’s over.

17. Rah! Rah! Rah!/Sis boom bah!/All hail!/etc.

Meaning: A cheer or battle cry

Example: Rah! Rah! Rah! for the home team!

18. Rats!

Meaning: An expression of frustration or annoyance

Example: Rats, I left my phone at home.

19. Shucks!

Meaning: An expression of disappointment or regret

Example: Shucks, I really wanted to go to that party.

20. Snore…

Meaning: A sound used to show boredom or lack of interest

Example: Snore…I don’t want to go to school today.